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q  Back Office Operations:-

                   This service was primarily initiated to assist Multinational and Offshore Companies to set up their Backhand Office Operations in India. The basic objective being, to greatly reduce the efforts in terms of time and money, to the optimum level for these MNCs. Our facilities in India can be considered as an extension of your infrastructure.
The service includes:

Provide full infrastructure & Human resource as per your requirement for operating Back office   operations.
Registration of the company to meet the government requirements at all levels.
Short-listing of Office space to set up operations.
Interior Design.
Assisting the company in its manpower requirements.
All sorts of Training and Development activities for the employees.

 q  Database Compilation & Office Administrative Services:-

               Organizations doing large-scale recruitment on national basis could use our expert services in the area of:

Collection of the resumes.
Formatting and segregation.
Query-based /Need-based reports on various parameters.

Having successfully completed such an exercise for a large Retail Finance Joint Venture, we have the necessary experience & expertise to rollout time bound databases and need-based reports.

Our Administrative Services include:

Collection of the CV's from your office.
Sorting and Scrutinizing as per the pre-defined parameters.
Profiling of the sorted CV's.
Filing of the CV's in lots of 100.
Delivering the same to your office
Generating reports as per your requirements
Co-coordinating for interviews.
Installing the program on your system and updating it at regular intervals.

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