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Current Requirements - Finance

·  ER Modelware

Strong academic record, quantitative skills and an interest in and understanding of financial markets are pre-requisites. Associates in the Equity research division assist company's Primary industry research analyst/strategist team in the financial analysis, quantities modelling, and the investment recommendation decision-making process.

Skills required:
Ability to demonstrate understanding of financial statements.
Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
Writing ability.
Excellent technology skills related to data manipulation and interpretation.
Ability to work effectively in a team.

Interpersonal Skills:
Strong Communication Skill - written and verbal.
Initiative/Ability to be proactive.


·  Economist/Econometrician

Educational Requirements:
Strong background in macro and international economics
Undergraduate degree in Economics & Statistics/Econometrics
Ability to work proficiently with Eviews or another econometric software package
At least 2 years of working experience as an economist to include
Conducting or at least contributing to applied macroeconomic research projects (preferably also involving industrial countries)
The application of state of the art econometrics gained, for instance, through a PhD at one of the leading economics faculties or working at a government institution such as the central bank, the treasury or an economic research institute.

Knowledge/Skills required:
Excellent statistical understanding.
Practical experience in time series analysis.
Excellent IT skills related to data manipulation and interpretation.
Strong writing capability.
Proven team building and team player.

Interpersonal Skills:
Strong communication skills - written and verbal (principally telephone).
Problem Solving/Questioning outlook.
Ability to prioritise.
Flexible approach to workload and demands of role.