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Our liaison:

                Sourceit liaison. (SIL), we are the world's gateway to India's federal, diplomatic and commercial resources.

• With over years of experience in business, we expedite business dealings with both Indian/foreign governments and businesses.

• For Multinationals, SIL export services department offers a wide range of liaison services with embassies, Indian governments and consulates.

• SIL also procures, authenticates, and notarizes documents on behalf of domestic and foreign concerns that need to do business in the Indian Capital

SIL is a vital business partner for anyone involved in transnational commerce. o:p>

• We represent domestic and Indian law firms, corporate counsel, manufacturers, multinational corporations, international freight forwarders, Indian sales corporations, office spaces, real estate, and customs brokers.

• Strategically located in Mumbai, our firm has close relationships with the authorities who facilitate international commerce.

• This carefully cultivated network of contacts greatly benefits our international and domestic clientele. If you need to retrieve hard-to-find federal documents or negotiate letters of credit, SIL will swiftly and efficiently expedite the transactions, especially for start-up multinationals.

• In addition, our staffs is experienced in export sales, logistics, translation services, industrial and legal services and know how to cut through red tape to assist you