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Executive Search:-

           Sourceit is in the business of Executive search, outsourcing and recruitments since its inception, though the main focus of the company has been on senior level recruitments, we have been placing personnel across the board. Sourceit Executive Search business is driven with the aid of high calibre professionals from the Industry, and a strong database, which helps to cater to the requirements of the clients in a much quicker and effective manner. Sourceit has been formed with the objective of catering to the manpower outsourcing requirements in both the vertical and horizontal market segments. Customer satisfaction and just-in-time service is our utmost priority.

           Sourceit believes in the very fact that Human Resource is the key asset to the growth of any organization and should be addressed with an understanding of the recruitment needs of the organization.

           Recruitment of professionals in any segment is a very crucial act as it may directly affect the productivity of the organization. Improper recruitment effects the organization on both the tangible (cost) and intangible areas like time, efforts etc. Keeping this fact very much in mind Sourceit has been formed to help corporate in their recruitment efforts at the optimum level. We believe in providing corporate with effective recruitment solutions. According to us, knowledge and skills are important but what is more important to note is the attitude and approach that any professional possesses.

             We can provide IT jobs at all levels right from trainees, software engineers, project leaders, managers, database and network administrators, marketing managers to top level people like GM's & Vice Presidents, VPs etc.

             Our screening process of candidates comprises of checking the validity of the credentials provided by the candidate, testing the level of confidence in handling the pressures of new economy and related job areas and an HR Round to understand the approach and attitude of the candidate.

             We have been working very hard to design, implement and maintain an effective recruitment strategy that can make a real difference to our clients

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