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Our Team :-

Web Designing & Editing:-

Responsible for complete conceptualization & visualization of the website.
Responsible for implementation of design in HTML.
Maintaining a standard weight of graphic content to ensure a fast download of the website.
Actively Involved in Web Designing, building high quality, reliable web sites that work, and keep working.
Designing in a bold, clean, and eye-catching graphic style with great attention to detail.
Image editing.

Content Writing:-

Finding out the information with the help of various Search engines and even helping the Web Development Team in implementing the web sites.
Uploading hotel information for the hotels, which comes from Product Development Team for hotel information request.
Checking the hotel information whenever it is necessary of all the hotels for different cities, which is there in our system and updating the same, if needed.
Responsible for the Around town section of the different cities.
The Around town section for the cities consists mainly of seven categories namely Attractions, Nightlife, Sports & Recreation, Shopping, Restaurants & Bars, Transportation and Local Services.
Makes decisions about the content to be put on the website based on the available and popular information about the city.
Keeping abreast of the latest developments in the websites related to the different city guides.