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Our Team :-

Website Editing / Content Editing:-

Checking the site that all the Url are in proper pages and checking whether they are absolute or relative link.
Editing and optimizing Images.
Arranging of Html Tables according to the content to maintain uniformity of throughout the sites.
Maintain proper layouts through out all pages. (For example Links color, text color etc).
Updates and tracks each websites through quality checkups through powerful control Techniques.

Product Development Team:-

Supervising and following up with the Product Development Team to get the work completed on time.
Finding out the information with the help of various Search engines and even helping the Web Development Team in implementing the web sites.
Coordinating with Product Development Team for keeping proper tracks and up dates to be done as per the requirement.
Editing and updating the hotel information as per the requirements of that hotel or the product development team.
Sending daily reports to product development team informing them about completion of uploading the hotel information.
Maintaining Hotel Images work.
Finding Images, Optimizing images & uploading hotel Images on the main web server

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